About Us

Winding Road Maple Products is owned and operated by Dale Martin and Alex Martin.

Here at winding road maple products maple syrup production has been a family tradition for 4 generations. Winding Road Maple was started in 1993 when cousins Dale and Paul went into a business partnership to start producing maple syrup.

2022 is the start of a new chapter for winding road maple. Alex and his wife Lyndsie are now part owner of winding road maple with Alex’s parents Dale and Lucille Martin.

We use a high efficiency wood fired evaporator, which allows us to produce maple syrup with the most energy savings possible. Our facility is CFIA inspected and certified. We continue to produce delicious maple syrup and maple syrup products.

We have many happy costumers worldwide and we look forward to supplying you with your favorite maple syrup. We invite you to stop by our facility to pick up your maple syrup and see the production facility.