About Us

Winding Road Maple Products is owned and operated by Paul & Dale Martin.

Paul started producing maple syrup in 1971. Maple sap was collected in buckets, and then boiled into syrup on old fashioned pans.

In 1994, Paul & Dale formed a partnership; both dedicated to producing the best maple syrup possible. We now produce our syrup using the most energy saving means available. However, our sap is still boiled on a wood-fired evaporator, which means our syrup still has the same delicious, nutritious flavour. All maple syrup products are also sampled and tested before packaging or bottling.

We have many repeat customers that LOVE the rich maple flavour we produce.  Our latest award was winning the 2014 maple syrup quality and taste competition at the Elmira and Woolwich Township Competition.

Paul & Dale invite you to enjoy the sweet natural maple syrup derived from the sap of our beautiful hard maple trees.